Product: 510306 OMAN

O.E.M.: SAE J 1703/ ISO 4925/ FMVSS DOT3 en DOT 5.1

Packaging: 500ml,


Brake Fluid DOT 4 is a brake fluid on Poly-alkyleenglycolether basis.
Brake Fluid DOT 4 is hygroscopic and the collection of damps will result in a descent of boilingpoint.
When using the brakes intensively, an enormeous amount of heath releases which is (partially) transfered via the wheeldiscs on to the brake fluid which could then start boiling.
An spongy brake pedal is noticable, which decreases the change of bringing the car to a safe stop.
According to manufacturers commands regular change of brake fluid prevents this.


Brake fluid can be applied for all hydraulic brake systems with drum or disk brakes where a brake fluid of the type DOT 4 is prescribed. Brake fluid can be used in Hydraulic brake systems of motor vehicles (except for brake systems that require mineral oils). Brake fluid can only be mixed with brake fluids which meet the same specification.