It was around 1920 when the American company Atlantic Refining, based in Philadelphia, extended its activities into Europe.
A subsidiary was founded in Belgium under the name Atlantic Belgium and in 1930 a sales office was created in Rotterdam.
After the end of WWII in 1945 a new European headquarter was founded in the Netherlands, based in the Hague under the name:
Olie Maatschappij Atlantic Nederland NV with subsidiaries in a few European countries including Belgium again.

In 1953 Atlantic sold its European operation to British Petroleum (BP) and BP renamed the company into Olie Maatschappij Anglo Nederland BV (OMAN). Some of the European offices were later on merged into local BP operations.

In 1997 with the formation of the Joint Venture between BP and Mobil in Europe , OMAN became part of the Mobil Europe Lubricants organization, with processing at both the BP- and the Mobil blending plants. When this JV was dissolved - due to the Exxon Mobil worldwide merger - OMAN came into the hands of Exxon Mobil. In 2001 OMAN finally became an independent Lubricants manufacturing & marketing company again.

Presently OMAN is still an independent manufacturing- , trading- and marketing company in baseoils, lubricating oils and -greases and automotive chemical markets and has its head office in Rotterdam, the heart of the oil industry. Thru branches and distributors we supply our products to market , under our OMAN-brand and as specialist in private label under the brand of our distributors. The manufacturing of OMAN-lubricants now takes place exclusively thru processing deals with some of the Major Oil Companies who blend our OMAN-products in large quantities in their blending plants. A small amount for the Eastern-European and Asian markets is made on location in our own plant. The bulk products are stored, processed and packed at our location in the port area of Rotterdam, where it can easily be shipped – also in containers – to our customers.