OMAN ,  One Step Ahead

not just us .......   with OMAN, OUR CUSTOMERS are also One Step Ahead of competition.

this does not just apply to our products, it also includes the services we provide.

Marketing Programs

include technical support and support thru marketing communications central development.

Technical Support

Any question may be directed to we will get back to you with lubrication charts and recommendations as required . For Used Oil Analysis special sample bottles are provided for immediate submission to the lab (address labels etc are included in the package) results of analysis are available within 3 days from receipt at the lab.

Marketing Communications :

include a.o. the following :

- central development of advertisements and sales brochures

- promotional materials incl: Stickers , Caps , T-shirts , Polo's and Workshop-overalls

- central motorsport program allowing distributors and their clients to attend ; 
  in some cases availability of racecars for promo-events of distributors .

Logistics in the Netherlands and Belgium

Bulk products are being delivered 5 days a week, in which we use a '' milk route'' ; For the Netherlands and Belgium is the maximum order lead time of 5 workingdays. Packed products are delivered twice a week: on Monday and Thursday.

For Service station shops ( with low storage capacity), we deliver orders as from 36 ltrs , with an order leadtime of maximum 7 days.

Logistics outside Benelux :

Maximum order leadtime for truckload collection by european distributors is 2 weeks.