The marketing strategy of OMAN-Lubricants is focused on top-of the-line products, creating new products and sales-support and -opportunities for distributors, retail- and quicklube chains and dealernetworks , national and international.


OMAN provides her products, among other things, to her distributors. Which they then take to their customers varying from a small garage to international Marine accounts. Key focus is centered around technical support and marketing programs.

Thanks to an extraordinary logistic system in the Benelux countries we are able to support these distributors with a unique service: Direct delivery of lubricants to their clients enabling our distributors to focus their energy on sales and support. Outside the Benelux OMAN is internationally represented by several OMAN-distributors/OMAN branches with offices in Eastern-Europe, the Balkans and Asia.

Retail- and Quicklube Chains

OMAN has a wide experience in supplying OMAN brand or Private Label products to international operating hypermarkets and retail-chains as well as to Quicklube service chains . OMAN has ample experience with ''Just-in-time'' management of products for shops and development of their retail programs.

Private Label:

OMAN is specialized in the design and support of private labels on behalf of dealer- and retail-chains. Thanks to a specially designed production system we are able to support even the smaller quantities under private label.

Dealer networks:

Supplies to Dealer networks are centered around product-rationalisation , reducing dealer inventories and optimising dealer margins. OMAN is able to develop products which combine the key features and approvals of specific car-manufacturers within one or  two products. If required an automatic delivery-system is used for bulk supplies.