Aluminium Complex based

Aluminium Complex based

QualiTack Aluminium Complex based Greases have the following properties:

1. Good Oxidation Stability

2. Excellent load carrying capacity

3. Rust protection

QualiTack 662

Product:  721600

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-9; L-XDFIB 2

Packaging: ISO 6743-9; L-XBCFB 2


QualiTack 622 is used for lubrication of a wide variety of bearings operating under severe and extreme conditions including heavy loads. Typical applications are in off-highway transport, road construction equipment and specific hydraulic systems. The product is suitable for use under cold and hot conditions and has good pump-ability properties.

QualiTack 692

Product:  721700

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-9; L-XBCEB 2

Packaging: 180kg, 50kg, 20kg, 18kg, 5kg, Patroon 400gr


QualiTack 692 is used in all applications where incidental contact with the food-chain could occur.