Calcium based

Calcium Based

QualiTack Calcium based (water free) greases are singular based and have the following properties:

1. Load carrying capacity

2. Rust protection and waterresistant

3. Mechanical stability

4. Oxidation stability

5. Adhesive

QualiTack 492

Product:  721500

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-9; L-XCCHA 2

Packaging: 180kg, 50kg, 20kg, 5kg


QualiTack 492 is suitable for applications with incidental food contact in the food stuff industry according to the Swedish National Food Administration.

QualiTack 4112

Product:  722200

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-9; L-XBCIB 2

Packaging: 180kg, 50kg, 20kg, 18kg, 5kg


QualiTack 4112 is suitable for all greasse lubrication applications operating under wet and heavy load conditions. It combines excellent lubrication properties wit high sealing capacity.