Other basetypes

Other based

The QualiTack ''Other Based'' category contains Alassca Complex Based as well as Bentone Anorganic Based Greases.

Bentone Anorganic Greases such as the QualiTack 7102 have the following properties:

1. Good oxidation stability

2. Rust protection

3. Excellent load carrying capacity

4. Good pumpability

Alassca Complex Based greases such as the QualiTack 8120 have the following properties:

1. Load carrying capacity

2. Rust protection

3. Mechanical stability

4. Water resistance

QualiTack 7102

Product:  722400

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-9; L-XBDEB 2

Packaging: 180kg, 50kg, 20kg, 18kg, 5kg, Patroon 400gr


QualiTack 7102 is especially developed for use under high temerature conditions in equipment that is exposed to high load and shock pressure.

QualiTack 8120

Product:  722500

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-9; L-XBCIB 0 - 1

Packaging: 180kg, 50kg, 20kg, 18kg, 5kg, Spraycan 350ml


QualiTack 8120 is a grease for lubrication of open gears and systems, as in mining-,steel-and cement industry. It is used for lubrication of all type of bearings but also steel cables and chains (on forklift trucks). The product is easily pump-able and may also be sprayed. Thanks to the absence of solids the product is safe in use and does not pollute the workplace.