HYDRAULIC B2-32/46/68

Product: 400400/ 400500/ 400600

O.E.M.: DIN 51524-2 ISO 32 VI 104/ Stolpunt -24ºC----- DIN 51524-2 ISO 46 VI 104/ Stolpunt -24ºC----- DIN 51524-2 ISO 68 VI 107/ Stolpunt -18ºC

Packaging: Bulk, IBC 1000ltr, 208ltr, 60ltr, 20ltr,


OMAN Hydraulic B2 Oil is formulated to provide optimum performance also under severe circumstances like watercontamination and high temperatures. It provides very good protection against wear, corrosion and deposits even when very thin oilfilms occur.


For all hydraulic systems in industrial and automotive applications.OMAN Hydraulic Oil meets the specifications according to DIN 51524 part 2. and following equipment manufacturers.

- Vickers I-286-S  M-2950-S

- Denison Hydraulics HF-0

- The products are compatible with poly-urethane based seals


Product: 401500/ 401600/ 401700

O.E.M.: ISO 6743-4 - CLASS L-HV HV-LP/ DIN 51524 Part 3 - HV - LP/ AFNOR 48-603 HV/ Denison HF-O/ Vickers I-286-S3-M2950-SD/ VDMA 24318/ Cincinatti P68 - P68 - P70

Packaging: Bulk, IBC 1000ltr, 208ltr, 60ltr, 20ltr,


HYDRAULIC HVI B3 is a high viscosity index paraffinic oil, based on selected ingredients, specifically intended for use in hydraulic circuits. Superior performance in keeping the system clean by reducing the formation of deposits. It also demonstrates good filterability, water separation , and quick air release. It provides very good protection against wear , corrosion and deposits  even when very thin oilfilms occur and very good filtration properties even in the presence of small quantities of moist/water;  resulting in optimal cleanliness of the hydraulic system providing extended lifetime of the installation, very good antiwear properties. Excellent protection against corrosion from both ferro and non-ferro metals, very good anti-foam properties and extra quality reserve enables extended lubricant lifetime improves the system performance and extended drain intervals.


HYDRAULIC HVI B3 is suitable for hydraulic systems, functioning at variable temperatures and high pressures. It can also be used in gear boxes, which require an oil with a high viscosity index and assuring mechanical and chemical stability. Applicable for regulation systems and hydraulic steering.


Product: 404100

O.E.M.: ISO 11158 category HV (except oxidation stability D 943)/ DIN 51524 Part3, category HVLP (except oxidation stability D 943)/ Draft DIN specification for HEES type fluids/ ISO 15380, HEES type/ SS 155434, category BV/ Bosch Rexroth (HEES type)

Packaging: Bulk, IBC 1000ltr, 208ltr, 60ltr, 20ltr


OMAN BIO-Syndraulic oil is a biodegradable hydraulic oil based on synthetic esters. The Synthetic esters with the  balanced additives gives excellent technical properties and biodegradability. Synthetic esters, naturally have a high viscosity index and can therefore be used at widely varying temperature.


For hydraulic systems that are used on environmentally sensitive areas and where biodegradable fluids are recommended which aquatic life is not in danger (NWG). 


-Readily biodegradable and therefore not harmful to the environment.
-Synthetic esters have a high natural viscosity index and are therefore pumpable at low temperatures.
- Synthetic esters have a very good oxidation stability, so that precipitation and varnish deposits be prevented, which leads to a long lifetime of the system components and the oil will result. 
-Thanks to a balanced additive package has OMAN BIO-Syndraulic oil the following advantages: good corrosion protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, resulting in a long life of the system components, anti-foam additives