All products are filled and packed with the utmost care. All packaging materials meet the requirements for transport and storage of lubricants and chemicals.

Large packs: are filled from bulk stocks every order. 208 liters and 60 liters are new grey with the OMAN logo in the middle ring in a white field (two logo's on the 208 liters). The jerry cans 20 ltr are blue coloured. All large packs are labeled , with the product- name,-code , specifications and approvals . The label also contains the batch-number of the bulk product and the (filling) Production Number (PN). The PN is printed on the sales-invoice, which helps us to trace-back its origin.

Private label is in 200 and a 60 liters recon-drums in blue colour and a white lid. The jerry cans are blue. The packages are labeled according to the customers'design . The label contains the SAE, API and ACEA specifications together with the products' batch-number. Lot Tracing for PL is not available.

Small packs: are filled and stored in our warehouse to be ready whenever a order comes in. Sizes are  1and 5 liters. These packs contain a German text plate with environmental care warning. All packs are with labels on both sides of the ''bottle''.
The labels state the lubricating oil name , type and use, strongly supported by its bright colours. On the backside label of every ''bottle'' is a clear product description , specifications and approvals in English, French and Dutch. The Risk and Safety sentences and the hyphen code are below. Private label is designed according to the customers' desires.

The quantities per carton (boxes): for1 liters it is 12 /  for 5 liters it is 4 .
All cartons are marked with date of packing ,the article code and the front label as applicable  (with the products name on it etc.).

Lubricating Greases: are packed in silver/grey packages with a white band and in it the red QualiTack logo.
All lubricating greases are delivered under QualiTack label , Private label is not available.
All lubricating greases are marked with product description and application, ISO standardization number and batch-number.